Manage My Account


To register, you must download the app and fill in the required fields: e-mail (business email), password and mobile phone or company telephone number. Then, enter the verification code received via SMS. Complete the registration by entering name, surname, company code (to have access to company conventions) and the other information requested like credit card information, license plate number and IBAN number.
If the phone number is listed as already used, means that was previously registered to another account. In this case it is necessary to contact BePooler via e-mail for assistance.

Delete my registration from BePooler

To delete your account from BePooler you can send an email via,and request to disable your account.

Is the photo mandatory?

The photo is not mandatory, but being able to see the face of the person with whom you will travel is important. This feature allows you to recognize your travel companion  more easily and also increases your chances of traveling.

Change/Recover my email

To change your email, log in with your credentials and in the profile section under the email entry, enter your new email. Remember to use the new email inserted for the next steps of the application.

Change/Recover my password

You can reset the password from the Login screen. These are the steps to follow:
– select “I forgot my password”
– enter your phone number
– click on “confirm”
– open the link received via SMS
– fill in the fields to enter the new password
log back into the app and enter the new credentials


What is the Sponsor Code and where can I find it?

The Sponsor Code (or company code) is provided to you by your company and it allows you to take advantage of the incentives that your company provides through BePooler. By entering your Sponsor Code, you can view all of your colleagues with whom you can plan your carpooling trips.

The Sponsor Code is not valid

If during the registration phase the Company Code is not accepted, check with your company referent that you have the correct code.If the code is correct, make sure you are registered with your company email.

If you are still unable to register, contact BePooler’s support email (

Is the tax code (codice fiscale) mandatory?

Yes, in order to book a trip it is necessary to have entered the tax code(Codice Fiscale) in the “Profile” section.

I can't upload my identity document

Take a color photo of an original document(identity card, drivers license, or passport), and Check if the photo is not blurry and that the data is legible. If you still have any difficulty, send an email to attaching your documents and your Iban code. BePooler will proceed with the insertion of this information in your account.

My account is not verified

If your account has not been verified, try repeating the verification process. Make sure you have uploaded photos of your original identity document and that the image is in color.

What is the Maps section for?

From the Maps section you can view all the users with whom you can plan a trip.

How to update my profile data?

To update your information, click the “Profile” section and select the credential you wish to update. From this section, you are also able to change the arrival/departure addresses and times, as well as your car information. Access the desired section and proceed with the modification.

Manage My Trips

Cancel a booked trip

It is possible to cancel a trip that is already booked by entering the Trip section and clicking “not completed” on the desired journey.

I can't find the colleague with whom I would like to travel with

Make sure you and you colleague have entered the same date and timetable for the trip and that the place of departure is in a compatible area. If you still can’t find your colleague check:

  • In the “Planner” section, by looking for their name;
  • In the “Mapsby selecting the icon corresponding to theirin the area of residence.

If the previous steps did not return any results, another solution is to enter the same departure and arrival addresses in order to plan the trip.

Travel estimate information

The BePooler algorithm, calibrated starting from the ACI rates and aimed downwards compared to the latter, provides for a cost of 0.30 cents per km for a trip in a pool. This cost is divided equally between the crew members and varies according to the number of users on board the car. Clearly, as the number of components increases, the per-kilometer cost per capita decreases. In the case of very short journeys and less than the given mileage, travel expenses will be set at the minimum threshold of € 1.00.

How to invite or request a user to travel with me

From the “Planner” section, when you find a user compatible with your route, simply select:

  • “ask for a ride”, if you are a Rider
  • “invite now”, if you are Driver

How to manage my Travel History

From the “Travel” section select the history tab. In this section of the app, you can see the list of all the trips you have completed.

The suggested route is not the one I prefer

You can always make a different route from the one suggested by the App for your Travel. Remember that the refund will be calculated on the planned route in the App.

Does the suggested route takes into account tolls and restricted traffic areas?

The suggested route does not take into account tolls and limited traffic areas when calculating the value of the trip. Remember that the refund calculation only takes into account the reimbursement on the km of the trip.

My journey has not been tracked

During the trip, make sure you have the GPS on your phone and keep the app running in the background. This ensures that your journey will be certified.

N.B:For better performance of the App, it is preferable to keep it active at the time of the trip.

How to create my trips

  • To start creating a trip you will have to specify the following information:

      the times of arrival and departure of your journey from home to work

      the addresses of your arrival and departure destinations

  • Then, look for a travel Match in “Planner”.

My trip has been canceled

When one of the passengers cancels a trip, the other users will receive a  notification of the cancellation..

For Drivers: it is strongly recommended to have more Riders in your crew. Traveling with multiple Riders helps prevent problems related to cancellations. Remember that you can invite as many Riders as there are seats available in your car.
For Riders: we suggest you check immediately if there are other Trips compatible with your needs in order to book a trip with another Driver. Contact BePooler assistance in case of emergencies using the SOS button on the app.

How can I travel with a “favorite” user or block an “unwanted” user?

From the “Chat” section you can choose “favorite” and “unwanted” users. To do this, select the icon “        “Top right :

– click on “     “ to set user as a “favorite”;

Slide the name of the individual to the left and choose the “add as never with me” option to set it as “unwanted”

The journey isn’t showing up in my history

To see the journey in the history it is necessary that you have confirmed it. You have 24 hours to confirm the trip after completing the ride. After 24 hours, if the journey is still not showing in the history, you should contact the BePooler support email ( for assistance.

What to do during the trip?

During the trip, make sure you have the GPS on your phone and keep the app in the background. This ensures that your journey will be certified.

Manage My Payment Methods

Credit card not accepted

Check that you have entered all the information correctly, that the card is valid, and that the card belongs to one of the accepted circuits_(Visa, Mastercart, 3D Secure, ACH Credit Transfer, Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, iDEAL, Multibanco, p24, Sepa Direct Debit, SOFORT, ACH, Masterpass, Visa Checkout, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay).

How to choose the card in use

from this icon “beside the credit card indicates the one currently in use, which you can change at any time.

How to delete a registered credit card?

You can manage your credit cards from the “Profile” section under the “Credit Card” section.

Can I register multiple IBANs?

No, you can only have one IBAN registered at one time. However, you are able to modify your IBAN at any time.


Is verification needed every time I change the IBAN?

No, identity verification is only required at the activation step.


How to download Total Accumulated

The accumulated total is charged to the indicated IBAN 7 days after the date of travel. In order to receive the credit, it is necessary to have reached the threshold of €1.00.

Can I see my transactions in real time?

Your balance will be updated within 24 hours of the closing of the trip. The actual transaction will take place once a week.


Voucher delivery mode

If your company anticipates that you will reach a set threshold (eg 10 trips within one calendar month), you will receive a fuel or expense voucher which can be spent at the points agreed . You will receive an email from Bepooler with all the information regarding your voucher. The methods of sending and the amounts provided for are defined from time to time on the basis of the Company to which they belong.


How to book a parking space

If it is provided by your company, a parking space will automatically be assigned after you plan a trip and all your available seats are filled. In the “Planner” section, you will see the assigned parking space directly in the trip.

What do the colored dots indicate next to the parking symbol?

The dots can be 3 colors: green, yellow, or red


Green: there are still spaces available

Yellow: hurry! Parking spaces are filling up

Red: oops! Parking spaces are all occupied

How to book a Park & Ride

This feature is only for certain users. In the “Profile” section, you will be able to view and select the “Park & Ride Parking” option as the place of arrival.

How to book a Milan Municipality ATM car park

To book a free parking space at the ATM Silos, you must send a copy of your driver’s license, insurance certificate and the car registration certificate with which you have possibly registered via e-mail to
If you participate in the trip as a Rider, it will be verified that your license is valid.
If you are a Driver , it will be verified that all documents, where appropriate, are valid. And that the car, with which the registration was carried out, is in compliance with the revision required by law and is not Petrol Euro 0, Diesel Euro 0,1,2,3,4 without a particulate filter.