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Make your company smart with corporate carpooling.

Why companies choose BePooler corporate carpooling

Employee satisfaction + Environmental sustainability

Company carpooling gives an important contribution to environmental sustainability and employee well-being. BePooler offers companies many tools to increase the adoption of company carpooling. In Ticino, your employees can take advantage of subsidies, reserved parking spaces, a dashboard for the company's mobility manager and internal and external communication packages.


Thanks to BePooler you can offer employees subsidies calculated on the basis of to the journeys made and the number of passengers carried to promote the adoption of company carpooling, with the peace of mind of a verified and certified process.

Parking lots

You can reserve parking spaces for those who join the company carpooling and monitor their use in real time, assigning the parking spaces according to the number of passengers.

In Ticino it is also possible to purchase an electronic panel to be installed in reserved parking spaces, which shows in real time the license plate of the carpooler who booked them

Dashboard of the Mobility Manager

From the BePooler dashboard you can see the mobility needs of employees, plan and monitor subsidies campaigns for company carpooling in Ticino and assess its results. The dashboard provides comprehensive reporting on travels, shared expenses, parking usage, CO2 savings, and aggregated statistics while respecting employee privacy.

BePooler offer

BePooler offers solutions that are proportional to the number of employees, with a pricing system suitable for companies of all sizes.

Activation Fees SINGLE PAYMENT

$ 99

from 1,500 to 5,000 Swiss francs

Employee Training

Platform set up

Training of mobility managers

Use of the platform for employees and Mobility Reporting MONTHLYMONTHLY

$ 99

from 200 to 500 Swiss francs/month

Access to all mobile and web features

Dashboard of Mobility Manager

Emergency service and customer care

Parking spaces platform 

Carpooling feasibility analysis on all employees (monthly update)

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