Corporate welfare and sustainability.

These are the key elements that distinguish an innovative company.

Why companies choose BePooler corporate carpooling

Employee satisfaction + Corporate welfare + Environmental sustainability

Corporate carpooling represents an important contribution to environmental sustainability and the wellbeing of employees, and it is an integral part of the company welfare initiatives. The immediate benefits for a company that chooses BePooler are savings, an improvement in the corporate climate and an increase in the actual salary of employees.

BePooler Advantages


The BePooler App allows you to manage shared trips, receive corporate incentives and book reserved parking spaces. A proven mix of incentives to promote the adoption of carpooling in your company.


"In a year, with the carpooling of BePooler, a company with 1000 employees can reduce the kilometers traveled by employees by 90,000 kilometers, reducing CO2 emissions up to 10 tons.
(data taken from actual cases) "


Thanks to transport cost savings and incentives, BePooler corporate carpooling can increase the disposable income of employees by up to € 2000 per year.


A project designed for the needs of your company and employees, with targeted incentives: such as fuel cards (in accordance with Q8), corporate parking lots and customized objectives.

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